Frequently Asked Question


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your shoes and pads sold individually or by the pair?

All of our horseshoes and most of our pads (with the exception of the Lily Pad) are sold by the pair (i.e. 2 shoes per pair).


How do I know what size shoes to order for my draft horse?

All of the Will Lent Brand shoes are measured in inches starting at 4 1/2" and increase by 1/2" increments up to 10". To determine the size of the shoe you will need, measure across the widest part of the hoof.  Measure the length of the foot from the white line to the bulb of the heel.  For scotch bottom shoes add 1/2", or if you're using pads 1", to the width measurement in order to get the proper size.  As a general rule, your horse's front shoes should be larger than their hind shoes.


Should my draft horse shoes have heels, or be flat?

Although heels are traditional on scotch bottom shoes, they're not absolutely necessary.  The heel functions as a stopping device; in theory making the horse pick its feet up faster.  There are many factors that come in to play when deciding whether or not to get heels on your shoes.  For example, two reasons for having a heel would be:

1.  To change the pattern of flight (particularly on hinds)

2.  To decrease the amount of slide when the hoof hits the ground.

We recommend that if you don't have a good reason to put heels on a horse, don't.


Should I get my Scotch Bottom Shoes in standard 1 1/2" stock or Wide/Extra Wide stock?

We make our larger shoes in wider stock because generally, the more hoof you grow, the more support the foot needs.


What is the purpose of putting pads on a horse?

The purpose of using pads is to dissipate concussion as the hoof hits the ground.


What is the functional difference between leather and plastic pads?

Some people feel that leather pads allow the hoof to breathe, and therefore lessens the chance of anaerobic bacteria developing.  However, over time, a leather pad will compress from the weight of the horse, therefore loosening the clinches.  Plastic pads do not compress over time, and because they maintain their thickness and shape, they offer as much protection when you are ready to take them off as they did when you put them on.


How do I know what size nails to use?

We punch our draft horse shoes for the smallest nail we anticipate you using (you can always make a nail hole bigger, but not smaller).  If you are uncertain of what size of nails to use, please call us.  231-861-4352


What is the difference between Borium and Drill Tech?

Borium and Drill Tech are both used to give the horse traction.  Drill Tech is brazed to the shoe (under some circumstances it could pop off), whereas borium is actually welded to the shoe.  Please note that we only offer borium as an add-on option to our shoes.

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